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Argentina Florida Roots player fulfills his dream of playing in the United States


PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – The Florida Roots semi-professional soccer team gets its name from the fact that most of their players are from Florida, but not all.

In fact, one of their players, Agustin Vivas, is Argentinian and is living his dream of playing in the United States.

“When I’m struggling, when I’m sad, when I’m not good with myself, when I’m bored, I get a ball and I’m happy,” Vivas said.

As a child he dreamed of coming to the United States to play football, but he said he didn’t have the courage to do it when he was younger, so he does it now at the age of 25. .

“I started since I was very young, in my country, everyone starts playing at five or six years old. It is the main sport in Argentina. We all love it, we have the same passion, ”said Vivas.

Vivas plays for Governor State University near Chicago during the school year and plays for the Roots for the summer.

Vivas said he didn’t know what to expect when he got the call from coach Jonah Hammond about playing for the Roots team, but as soon as he got to Panama City he realized it was more than just a chance to play sports. during the summer months.

“I enjoy every afternoon I spend with them, playing on this field, having dinner after or after a game or enjoying the locker room, so they are my summer family for now and I hope for many years to come. again, ”Vivas said.

He said the American style of play took a little getting used to.

“The timing is different, you know the possession of the ball, they use less possession of the ball, they go straight from defense to strike. Sometimes they don’t make the same transition in our country that we used to have the ball a little more and use the time for the pace, ”said Vivas.

Vivas’ time with the Roots is coming to an end this week at the end of the season, but he plans to return for more summers to come if they have it.

He hopes that one day he can come back and even work for the club.

“Give back everything they are giving us right now and I think this city has a lot to develop, it has great potential, it’s a great place and I’m sure the football here is going to be a big boom in a few years. years. Said Vivas.

The Roots play their final home game of the season Thursday night at the Panama City Beach Sports Complex.


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