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Argentina wants more control over $ 3.7 billion river concession



Argentina wants to update the model of the concession of 3.74 billion dollars for the Paraná-Paraguay waterway in order to apply more stringent controls.

About 70% of the country’s exports are shipped via road, so the AGP port authority “can no longer have the 90s concession model,” Transport Management Secretary Diego Guiliano told Radio 2 Rosario .

“The waterway is Argentinian and therefore there must be controls, not only from the state but also from the provinces, and universities must also be involved,” said Giuliano.

The AGP took over the administration of the 3,442 km waterway llast week. A dealer compromising Belgian group Jan de Nul and local operation Emepa had been operating the road for over 20 years.

The regulator will launch two calls for tenders, one for a new concession and a preliminary one for maintenance work while a new operator is selected.

The new concession will remain valid for 15 years and will involve dredging the entire waterway to 40 feet (12.2 m), compared to 10 to 34 feet currently.

Other works include widening, improving security and integrating waiting and anchoring spaces.


Some private companies are worried The AGP takeover will cause further deterioration in the dealership selection process.

The state “does not have the economic or technological resources” to maintain the waterway during the 12 months of administration of the AGP, the head of the country’s cereal exporters chamber, Gustavo, told La Nación daily. Idígoras.

Meanwhile, the Association of Rural Confederations CRA said in a press release “It is not good to change horses halfway through the race, and changing the 25-year status quo means endangering our bond. communication with the world “.

The ARC said the state’s actions have become “unpredictable” because the original plan also involved the creation of an agency to handle the tender.



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