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Argentina will vote in favor of Russia’s withdrawal from the UN Human Rights Council


The government will vote in favor of the resolution suspending Russia from the UN Human Rights Council.

As Clarin learned, The order was given by Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero after speaking with President Alberto Fernandez in recent hours.

The General Assembly of the HIM-SHE-HE will vote this Thursday on a request by Western countries to suspend Russia from the Human Rights Council of the body, in response to the invasion of Ukraine.

‘Argentina is the leader on this issue,’ a senior official source told Clarin after the harsh demand came from the West over the weekend, with John Biden at the helm, calling for Russia’s suspension of this body which coincidentally presides over this country in Geneva. . And now it has a double responsibility because it must arbitrate -it is chaired by Ambassador Federico Villegas Beltrán- and then vote as a state.

“Argentina is carrying out the investigation on instructions from Cafiero. He has taken the lead on the issue in which he has a leading role. Another demonstration that the pro-Russian wing does not exist”, quips a source on the divisions that have existed within the government. Between Albertism and Christianity.

The Assembly’s vote, from New York, will attempt to suspend Russia from the Geneva-based Human Rights Council. They need a two-thirds majority of the countries that will vote for and against during the session. All 193 Member States of the General Assembly will participate. Abstentions do not count.

The emergence of horrifying images of civilians massacred on the streets and highways of Bucha, Ukraine, has accelerated war crimes charges against Vladimir Putin’s forces, who deny the killings, which are now the subject of an investigation by the United Nations in full occupation of the territory.

Talks in Argentina also accelerated over the weekend and included the participation of Ambassador to the United States, Jorge Arguello with Fernández, Cafiero and Minister of Economy Martín Guzmán, who discussed details of the agreement with the Monetary Fund and Alberto F’s participation in the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles on June 8 and 9.

The government is hardening its position in its alliance with Vladimir Putin. To begin with, he finally condemned the invasion of Ukraine on February 24, bilaterally and in international forums.

Even so, he is against the sanctions proposed by Joe Biden and the European Union. It is in this context that Russia announced the resumption of commercial flights between Buenos Aires and Moscow, as well as other destinations.

The crisis in Peru

In the last hours, a statement was also agreed between Cafiero and the Undersecretary for Latin American Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Gustavo Pandiani, on the new crisis in Peru of the Presidency of the Commonwealth of American States Latin and Caribbean (CELAC).

“The Argentine presidency pro tempore of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States views with concern and regret the loss of life and the climate of violence unleashed in the sisterly Republic of Peru.

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