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cabinet honors 10 outstanding educators at Global Education Week | The Guardian Nigeria News


In commemoration of this year’s Global Education Week (GEW), a stationery company, BIC, honored 10 outstanding educators from around the world, for bringing joy to the hearts of children every day, inspiring and preparing the next generation to flourish.

The company launched the BIC Cristal Pen Awards program in 2020 to reward teachers who embody its values. The firm is committed to improving learning conditions for 250 million children around the world by 2025 as part of its “Writing the Future Together” program. In 2020, BIC helped a total of 118 million children as part of its goal.

BIC CEO Gonzalve Bich said the award is an opportunity for the company to celebrate educators in their communities around the world. “From Sri Lanka to Argentina, this year’s laureates embody our values ​​and I want to personally thank them and all of the nominees for sharing our vision of writing the future together by supporting education in the world, ”Bich said.

The company chief said that after his team members submitted the list of nominations, a panel of judges selected 10 worthy educators from all regions where the company operates.

Bich revealed that the winners would receive a custom-designed prize, a donation of stationery and a £ 5,000 grant to the school or organization of their choice.

In Nigeria, Opeifa Olasunkanmi, the Maltine Teacher of the Year 2017, won the award this year. Opeifa is a teacher with over a decade of experience and passion for English literacy. He teaches challenging concepts in phonology and grammar, using popular rap songs, card games, and dancing. He also founded the first free weekend tutorials in his area to prepare students for external exams and started a book club. Opeifa further improves education by co-founding an online community of teachers, www.techerx.org.

Winners from other parts of the world include Ramanan from Sri Lanka; Naomi Anstice from UK; D. Aline from France; N. Hernan from Argentina; W. Abdallah from Morocco; D. Shweta from India; and V. Sharda from Canada.

Ramanan works at Jaffna Hindu College in Jaffna, a war-torn region where his continued work has been a pillar of strength for many throughout his career. His dedication to creative online education during the pandemic, including building a craft kit where he filmed free YouTube lessons for students around the world, sets him apart.

Anstice, Deputy Headmistress at Frodsham Manor House Primary School, where she has taught for over 20 years with a focus on helping children become good local and global citizens. Among other activities, it organizes workshops for teachers, supports individual schools and organizes student conferences where up to 10 schools send children to discover another subject related to religious education.

Aline, who has worked as a music teacher for over two decades, is known to go above and beyond in teaching students with disabilities, especially those who are hard of hearing with innovative teaching methods that combine music, visual arts. and performance.

Hernan, who is one of the founders and current president of the Biblioteca Popular Palabras del Alma library. The library started operating on a mobile basis, only on weekends, and now offers art, a community garden, and reading, writing, computer, language and drama workshops for people of all ages, including high school students and children without kindergarten. .

Abdallah helps ensure that girls and boys have equal access to quality education and has taught in some of Morocco’s most disadvantaged regions.

Shweta is dedicated to instilling a sense of resilience in her students, which she has demonstrated by encouraging hands-on learning throughout the pandemic and reinventing herself as a teacher.

Sharda strives to help her students develop a voice in the classroom and foster their emotional well-being through a personalized approach that uses everyday life to inspire learning.

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