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Fife Flyers: James Isaacs on life after retirement – playing in Argentina


The Fife Flyers defender has hung up his skates after five seasons with the Kirkcaldy club and nine in the EIHL.

And he left the dressing room as Fife’s ‘iron man’ after playing his 306th and final game to lead the club’s non-homegrown players in official EIHL appearances.

And he was the last player of the 2013-14 campaign to leave the league, signing a season after former team-mate Scott Aarssen, the penultimate member of the 13-14 Club.

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James Isaacs hung up his skates at the end of the 2021022 season (Photo: Steve Gunn)

Any thought of a leisurely stroll into retirement is off the table as the player seeks to move to work in London, complete his masters thesis – and consider playing roller hockey in Argentina.

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Isaacs graduated with Honors in Banking and Finance Law from the University of Abertay before pursuing his Masters.

The end goal could take him south to begin work in the coming months.

James Isaacs with the Gardiner Conference Trophy. Photo: Steve Gunn

“Ten years ago I never thought this could happen, but it’s something I really want to do.

“If everything works out with a job in London, I could start in January.

“Between work and free time to travel, it’s a new beginning. This certainly relieves the pressure of retirement.

And the locker room will remain a part of his life as he trades his skates for rollerblades and travels 7,000 miles to Buenos Aires for the Roller Games.

James Isaacs in action against the Aalborg Pirates (Photo: Jillian McFarlane)

The championships are set to begin in September and, for Isaacs, that would lead to a once-in-a-lifetime achievement.

“If I can play with the Canadian team, I would have played hockey on all continents,” he said.

The defender has been part of the national roster since 2015, when the team won gold in Italy, and the chance to travel to Argentina will also allow him to trek to South America – just like the next team in Fife will take to the ice.

Fife Flyers Hockey Show, organized with the Fife Free Press – James Isaacs with goalkeeper Adam Morrison (Photo: Derek Young)

The bonds forged in the Kirkcaldy dressing room will remain strong, however.

“I’ve made lifelong friends here and I keep in touch with the guys I’ve played with over the years – I have to talk to Carlo Finucci every day,” he said.

The season just ended was arguably the toughest as the team struggled from day one, but there were also many highs.

“Winning the conference was a lot of fun and the next year was great too – we came very close until injuries hit us.

“This season hasn’t been a great year, but sometimes that’s how things are.

“We lost a ton of confidence in January and February when we didn’t play any weak teams – it was Sheffield, then Nottingham and Belfast continuously. It’s tough, and then you see the team go down the table.

“It’s funny – when school gets tough, you go to hockey to keep your balance, and vice versa – but this year I also started applying for jobs and adding that it pissed me off. may have put on edge a few weeks.

“I’ve finished all my classes and my thesis is due in August – that’s another reason to hang up my skates.

“Seeing him reunite is quite exciting.”