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Lat Am shows support for Argentina’s Falklands case | News


Latin America and the Caribbean have shown their renewed support for Argentina in the historic case of disputed sovereignty over the Malvinas (Falkland) Islands, a territory usurped by the United Kingdom, which brought the two countries to war in 1982.


Argentina expects the EU to recognize its sovereignty over the Falklands

The headquarters of the Latin American and Caribbean Parliament (Parlatino) in Panama hosted a seminar on the subject as part of the program that Argentina is carrying out this year to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Falklands War. At the forum, countries in the region again urged the UK to resume peaceful negotiations to resolve the conflict.

A memo from Argentina’s Foreign Ministry says lawmakers and authorities in the Parlatino, along with senators and deputies of different political persuasions, members of the Malvina Council and diplomats, called on the international community to urge the British government to resume negotiations with Argentina in accordance with the provisions of international law.

Malvinas: neither forgetting nor giving up. Argentina must pursue its just claim of sovereignty against the British invasion and usurpation of the Malvinas Islands, South Georgia, the South Sandwich Islands, the surrounding maritime areas and the Antarctic sector.

The meeting brought together, among others, former Panamanian Presidents Aristides Royo and Martin Torrijos, Panamanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Erika Mouynes and the Argentine Secretary of the Falklands, Antarctica and South Atlantic of Argentina, Guillermo Carmona .

In his speech, Carmona underlined the importance of the initiative, which shows that the Falklands issue is one of the most notable cases of Latin American and Caribbean unity and solidarity, as well as a demonstration that the contesting the sovereignty of the territory is a cause that unites not only the Argentine people but also all the men and women who seek to put an end to colonialism.