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Loan Advances.com announces an increase in the number of payday loan lenders.


LoanAdvances.com recently expanded its panel of payday lenders with the goal of improving the ability of customers to access payday loans online. Additional providers have therefore seen a significant increase in approved payday loan applications.

(PRWeb UK) February 10, 2011

LoanAdvances.com has just announced that there will be additional payday lenders integrated into their online payday loan application system. Having additional lenders has dramatically increased the conversion rates for UK payday loan clients and by having access and success in lending small payday advance loans, many loan seekers Existing and new LoanAdvances.com are now much more likely to be approved. for an unsecured payday loan.

Despite the increase in lenders with LoanAdvances.com, the process of accessing a payday loan has not changed. The online payday loan application form will ask for key data, such as national insurance number and current address. Once this is submitted, the panel of lenders will be automatically informed and the best lender will then be chosen. Payday loans are a form of unsecured loan and are accessible as long as the loan criteria are met by people who are in some form of paid employment. LoanAdvances operates 24/7 and that means no matter what time of day or night, the opportunity to access finance is there.

The additional lenders that have been integrated with LoanAdvances.com manage their repayment structure in the same way as all other payday loan providers. If you borrow a small cash advance loan at the beginning of the month, the loan will need to be repaid at the end of the month; this is related to the salary of the loan seekers.

Barbara Hunt, Principal, is pleased that other lenders have now joined LoanAdvances.com, “this will now give our UK loan applications a much higher chance of being approved for a payday loan. We understand that sometimes trying to access an unsecured cash loan can be difficult. We now have the feature to really help those who need to find a small cash advance fast.

She added, “As we have a professional working relationship with the UK’s leading payday loan providers, we are able to continue to help people who might otherwise be denied credit elsewhere.”


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