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Neville and Higuaín look to the future of football in South Florida


Inter Miami CF head coach Phil Neville met the media today ahead of a busy time for football in South Florida. On Saturday June 18 at the DRV PNK stadium, football legends Ronaldinho and Roberto Carlos will host The beautiful game by R10 and RC3and it was announced yesterday that Miami will be a host city for the 2026 FIFA World Cup tournament. All of this comes ahead of the return to MLS action for Inter Miami after the recent international break, as they will face Atlanta United for the second time this season on Sunday, June 19 at 3 p.m. ET.

“I think the break came at the right time, we really needed it. The boys can’t wait to get back to playing. We did some very good things before the break; we showed very good qualities, performed very well, but now I feel like this is where the marathon begins. There’s a big stretch now where we really need to get some points and move up that board. Now is the time to focus, stay focused, stay together,” Neville said.

Neville also thought the opportunity to face Atlanta again was one to be savored.

“It’s a good game of football. They have exceptional players and they have invested a lot in their line-up. These matches always produce moments, and the match at DRV PNK Stadium this season was fantastic. They probably felt [that they were] bad luck, but it was the start of a race on our part and we want to continue this race.

Inter Miami striker Gonzalo Higuaín also appeared and was eager to return to MLS against Atlanta.

“I think the break really helps to rest, train and adjust to whatever we need to improve and maintain the good things we’ve done so far. The month ahead is It’s going to be very competitive. We’re going to have to be mentally fresh and have energy in our legs because we have a lot of matches this month.

Both men also praised the change in football culture in the South Florida region and the influx of positive news in recent days with the region’s relationship with the sport.

“You think of the greatest thing in the world, and that’s the FIFA World Cup, and it’s coming to South Florida,” head coach Neville said. “We had Roberto Carlos here yesterday, and Ronaldinho is probably one of the greatest players of all time, and they play at our stadium. South Florida attracts the best players in the world and that makes you very proud of that. Proud moment for this region, and football fans here really have something to look forward to over the next three, four years.

Higuaín, who has featured prominently for the Argentina national team in previous World Cups, explained the prestige that comes with playing in the tournament.

“The best thing that can happen to a player is to play in the World Cup. Very few play there. Playing in the World Cup is a dream and it’s the best experience for a player. It’s a great opportunity for fans and to bring many people to Miami to see the World Cup.

Inter Miami CF owner-manager Jorge Mas also shared his enthusiasm for the city of Miami and its loyal football fans, commenting, “Miami football fans, you made it. Your passion and love for the game has made Miami a host city for the 2026 FIFA World Cup. The Club is also delighted to have the opportunity to be a home base for a national team and their afford training at our facilities during the 2026 FIFA World Cup – welcome the world to our beautiful Miami.