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Papiss Cisse: Woman sacked for taking PHOTO of Newcastle United striker at payday loan store


Natasha Sheils learned she violated “client confidentiality” with her photo of the footballer – who had previously campaigned against short-term lenders

A cell phone snapshot of football star Papiss Cissé using a payday loan store – though he criticized similar pawn shops last year – cost a new mom her job.

Natasha Shiels couldn’t help but snap the cheeky photo of the Newcastle United striker as he walked into The Money Shop on West Road to send money to Senegal.

The photo was posted on Facebook, but within 24 hours the 26-year-old was in hot water with her management who said she had violated “customer privacy.”

Earlier this season, the Muslim striker refused to wear the club jersey due to his sponsorship deal with payday loan company Wonga.

But a photo later appeared of him at gaming tables in a downtown casino, leaving him open to suggestions as he picked and chose which parts of Islam to follow.

The fact that he was spotted using The Money Shop – a company that has also been criticized for short-term loans with typical 3,000% APRs – will only add weight to these claims.

“Cissé earns all this money and for a photo I got fired. I just find it all ridiculous. What upsets me the most is the fact that I have a one year old child and it is difficult to get a job these days, “Natasha, 26, told the Newcastle Chronicle.

Now the outraged mother, who had just returned to work from maternity leave, faces benefit issues after losing the minimum-wage job she had held for two years.

“I think ‘Eee, there is a footballer’ and take a picture. I was just excited. I was behind the counter doing money transfers, but I didn’t do his money transfer, ”she said.

A Money Shop spokesperson said Natasha de Cisse’s photo violated customer privacy and she was fired on Monday for serious misconduct.

Star: Papiss Cissé


Serena Taylor)

His longtime partner Alex and father of the couple’s baby Gracie Kelly said: “You don’t see a footballer every day on West Road. He gets £ 40,000 a week and gets his picture taken all the time. .

“He’s famous and he’s going to have his picture taken. I would have thought it was a silly little thing and she would have been slapped on the wrist.”

Natasha, who worked at the cash desk at The Money Shop, took the photo and sent it to Alex who posted it on Facebook, and from there it was shared on social media and was reportedly seen by Cissé before being deleted 24 hours later.

Natasha: “He comes to the West Road store because he feels comfortable so if he went to town he would get spotted.”

A Money Shop spokesperson said, “Money Shop customers have the right to conduct their business in confidence.

“Any action on behalf of staff that compromises this confidentiality can only be treated as serious misconduct, resulting in termination to preserve the integrity of the company and the trust of our customers.

“It does in this case.”


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