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Payday Loan Lead Seller USA LeadsMarket.com Invite Lenders to Buy Leads


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LeadsMarket.com is a lead generation company focused on providing lenders with the best quality payday loans.

To generate quality leads on a large scale, LeadsMarket.com has developed level 5 quality control processes that are part of its proprietary lead generation technology called Optimo.

Optimo’s level 5 quality control process is a step-by-step approach to identifying and filtering out quality leads that works as follows:

Level 1: Consumers visit payday loan related websites and complete the application form in real time. There are a lot of technological measures in place to ensure that real people visit the website to fill out the form. Level 1 has an important geographic assessment to know if someone outside of the United States is filling out the form saying they are in Houston.

Level 2: The information provided by the consumer on the application is checked against several databases to ensure the validity of name, address, telephone, e-mail and other data.

Level 3: Optimo’s proprietary algorithm assigns an objective ranking to each prospect using their lead scoring model. If the lead’s quality score is low, the lead is rejected and is never sent to the buyer.

Level 4: The decision to accept or reject each lead is made based on the benefits to potential buyers and not on profit margin maximization. LeadsMarket.com always puts potential buyers ahead of short term profits and has logic built into its software that ensures this.

Level 5: Leads are reviewed and audited daily by our expert analysts who research trends in leads and consolidate feedback data from the primary buyer and internal call center responsible for enforcing quality.

To generate payday loan leads, LeadsMarket.com uses paid and organic search ads, banner ads, cost-per-view marketing, and other ethical methods.

Online payday lenders can contact LeadsMarket.com by visiting http://www.LeadsMarket.com/Contact-Us.aspx

About LeadsMarket.com

To learn more about the payday loan lead provider LeadsMarket.com, visit http://www.leadsmarket.com/payday-loan-leads.aspx

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