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Product prices still high and operational update


BRISBANE, Australia, June 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Allkem Limited (ASX|TSX: “AKE »there “Company”) provides an update on product pricing and operations.

lithium carbonate

Continued favorable market conditions had a positive impact on the price received for lithium carbonate from the Olaroz lithium facility. The average price received for the June quarter of FY22 for lithium carbonate is expected to be approximately 14% higher than previously forecast at USD 40,000/t FOB1 on sales of approximately 3,500 tonnes. Customers continue to value security of supply, which is reflected in a fully committed order book for the remainder of the calendar year.


Similar conditions continue in the spodumene market with a realized spodumene concentrate price during the June quarter of approximately US$5,000/t SC6% CIF. Spodumene concentrate shipped for the quarter is expected to be approximately 38,000 dry metric tons (“dmt“) at an average grade in line with customer requirements of 5.3% with an additional 15,000 tdm to be shipped in early July 2022.

Current estimated annual spodumene production for FY22 is expected to be slightly lower than forecast by approximately 2-4%, between 192,000 and 196,000 mdt, due to production delays resulting from the highly competitive resource labor market. Western Australia and COVID-19 requirements due to the late reopening of the Western Australian border. Strategies have been put in place to mitigate these temporary impacts on production.

Argentinian reference price

Argentina’s customs agency recently set a reference price for lithium carbonate at US$53,000/t. This benchmark price is used by regulatory authorities when reviewing export sales of lithium chemicals to avoid under-invoicing and improve price transparency. This price is not used for the calculation of taxes, royalties or duties and Allkem does not expect it to have a significant impact on product exports, realized prices or profitability.

This press release has been authorized by Mr. Martin Perez de Solay, CEO and Managing Director of Allkem Limited.


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