What Are the Different Types of Online Credit Loan?

Overall, online credit and conventional credit are two identical products. Nevertheless, in order to facilitate the choice of the potential borrower, it seems necessary to detail the different possibilities. 
Depending on the assignment that the applicant wants to make money made available by the lender, choose the type of online credit best suited. A small census of the main offers on the Internet (this list is not exhaustive)


Consumer credit


It concerns “transactions other than those related to real estate” and allows “to buy consumer goods (furniture, computer, …)”. Its amount is included in a range of 200 to 75000 € for a repayment period greater than 3 months. It is actually divided into several sub-types of credit: the credit allocated (see below), the personal loan (see below), the revolving or revolving credit (see below), the lease with option to purchase, the free loan , the private card, the mortgage life loan, the personal microcredit or the student loan guaranteed by the State.


The revolving credit

The revolving credit

A type of consumer credit, it is a provision made by a financial institution to a borrower for a period generally limited to one year, but renewable, of a sum of money that can be used in full or in part, and making withdrawals upon payment of interest. The available capital is therefore reconstituted as and when repayments. Most financial institutions offer revolving online credit offers without proof of use for an amount generally ranging up to 4500 or 6000 €.


The assigned credit


It is possible to subscribe to an online credit for the use of a specific purchase. It can be a movable property (for example a car loan, a credit to buy a television) or a benefit (for example a travel loan). It is then necessary to justify the use of the sum subscribed for the planned purchase, generally by producing an invoice or an estimate; but this type of credit often offers better rates than in the case of an unallocated loan. If the sale does not take place, the credit agreement is automatically canceled; in addition, the withdrawal period after signature remains 14 calendar days.


Personal loan

Personal loan

The borrower is free to use the credit amount online as he sees fit, whether to buy a consumer good (the personal loan is then a type of consumer credit) or another provision. The rate, the duration, the amount of the sums granted, the method of repayment vary from one lender to another. The withdrawal period is again 14 calendar days from the signing of the contract.


Real estate credit

Real estate credit

It concerns the operations of purchase of a building for residential use, or professional and residential, or land for its construction. It may also concern other ancillary services if the amount is greater than 75000 €. An online credit application of the real estate type is possible; nevertheless, its subscription requires in principle the meeting with an advisor in view of the significant amounts and specific procedures related to this type of credit. In addition, it is subject to a strengthened legal regime.

As a result, there are as many types of online credit as possible allocations and needs of the loan amount. It is important to know the different possibilities to choose the one best suited to your needs before subscribing to a loan on the Internet. 

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